The Great American Eclipse

Monday was incredible. I was lucky enough to be able to drive to Nashville, TN to watch the eclipse. Khadejeh and I got into Nashville Sunday afternoon and just walked around taking street photos and experiencing Nashville night life, which was so interesting. Early Monday morning we drove over to the Parthenon to find a spot to photograph the eclipse from and find parking. We expected it to be insane when we got there but there was only one other person there claiming their spot, but then again it was 6 in the morning. We ended up spending most of the day with a group of photographers, and a meteorologist which was so awesome because if we had any concerns about the weather we had someone who knew exactly what was going to happen.

I had been thinking all week on what I wanted to photograph during the eclipse. I couldn’t decide on if I wanted ¬†reactions or just totality with the corona and the diamond ring. I decided to do both. I planned on photographing for about 45 seconds during the first diamond ring and then running over to my camera with the long lens and then bracket for the remainder until the second diamond ring. Like most of my plans, it didn’t work out. I was having a lot of camera issues right when totality started, and could only shoot about 2 photos every 5 seconds, which doesn’t sound bad but it is when you’re short on time. After about what felt like 10 seconds I started making my way back over to my camera with the long lens and right as I did that crowd started yelling and cheering and the eclipse was over. At first I was so upset I missed getting that shot of the corona and diamond ring, but after a while I realized that the only thing that mattered was that I got to actually see it and experience it. I met so many awesome people and saw something that I may only see once in my life time.



Oh look, another storm post


Thursday there was a random storm at about 8:30 right when I was about to leave the studio and head home. I was so tired and I really wanted to get to bed and try¬†to catch up on some sleep before my performance exam the next day, but the weather had other plans. It started pouring down rain just as I was about to walk out the doors, so I ended up staying for about 45 minutes waiting for the rain to stop. As soon as it let up I threw everything in the car and tried to leave, but as I drove by the big parking lot at the front of the school this caught my eye, and I of course had to stop and shoot. It was so cool watching the mist build up and die down every few seconds and then see the little bit of sunlight die down behind the storm clouds in the background. Finding the time to shoot for myself was really difficult this week because of the numerous assignments that were due, and I of course procrastinated and was stressing over getting them submitted on time and trying to make them look like I didn’t wait until the last minute. I’m glad I took that 20 minutes to shoot for myself because it took a little bit of the stress of this past week away.