Stormy Weather

Shelf Cloud

On Monday I was sitting in the computer lab at school when I got an alert on my phone about a severe thunderstorm watch for Asheboro. I decided that since I wasn’t printing anymore I should probably put my prints and paper back in my mat locker in the studio before it started pouring down rain. When I was walking back from the studio I looked up and saw this monstrosity in the sky. I’m not sure how much I can actually stress how much I LOVE storms and the clouds that come with them. So of course when I saw this beautiful shelf cloud I completely freaked out. I practically sprinted back to the lab to grab my camera and then ran out the the front of the school to confront the the beast head on. I only got about 20 shots before I realized that the cloud was practically on top of me, and it was probably best to head back inside before my camera became a very expensive paper weight.

PSA: park closer to the building if it’s calling for rain or else you’ll be trapped at school until it stops pouring down rain. Also, shout out to Liz for the makeshift trash bag poncho.


5 thoughts on “Stormy Weather”

  1. I love this photo and the fact that it almost looks like a feather in the sky! I also really like the diagonal line your eyes follow from the line of the cloud and the line between the clock tower and the light post!

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  2. Love all of the low-key shadows and vibes you have in your work. It is really nice to see how consistent and diligent you are with your work, especially when it comes to capturing your style continuously.

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